The Professional Edge

So, why hire a professional photographer for your wedding? The advent of good digital cameras has allowed a multitude of people to take good pictures, so why invest the extra money for a true professional?

The most substantial difference with a true professional is the creative eye. Photography is about so much more than the gear. It is about knowing how to control light, to see things in a way that accentuates the subject. Knowing proper lighting ratios, controlling your angles and choosing the proper background are all things that go into creating a photograph, not just a snapshot.

The time commitment that a professional photographer invests in your images makes a huge difference in the final product. Consumer grade SLR’s do take fine images, but that is usually the end product that you will receive from part-time photographers. The images that come out of a professional photographer’s camera have only begun their journey. For every hour that I spend behind the camera, I spend three hours on the computer. This work properly color balancing, density correction, cropping, retouching and applying digital techniques is what turns an image into a piece of artwork. You only receive that transformation with a professional.

While equipment is not the biggest factor, professional-grade gear allows the true professional to accomplish visually stunning images that are not achievable with mid-grade cameras and lenses. The huge financial investment that a professional photographer makes in top level gear guarantees that your images will be tack sharp, have a beautiful soft bokeh (out of focus background), and have low levels of noise and grain from low light situations (like your reception). A professional level body also gives the professional photographer the speed necessary to make sure those special moments like your first kiss, or the cake smash aren’t missed!

After the cake has been eaten, the DJ has played his last song, and the dress has been cleaned and boxed, your photographs are what remain. There are no second chances for your wedding photography. Make sure that a professional photographer is in control so that your wedding story is told in beautiful images.

Below is a gallery of images as before (just how they came out of my camera) and after (including the computer work).  You decide what you want your wedding images to look like.